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Haemer Creative Design is here to create excellent experiences through visual design.

My specialty is helping small and mid-sized business through the creative design of strategic documents. Much of the work world is full of documents that are visually uninspiring and even dysfunctional. These pieces are overlooked as trivial, but the impact on company culture is real and unforgiving. I'm passionate about designing forms, branding documents, information sheets, spreadsheet systems, flowcharts, motion graphics videos, and other materials that are vital to organizational pride and success.

—Darrell Haemer

Graphic Design

“Visual design matters because we have eyes.”

The world around us is designed. Well, most of it is anyway. Not a day goes by when I don’t see something, a sign, business card, form, logo, or something else that makes me think Someone must not care much about how this makes them look. But you care about your business, right?

Make sure every part of your business looks like you care.

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Motion Graphics

“Motion graphics are the action movie stars of graphic design.”

A picture is worth a thousand words, right? Then at 25 or 30 pictures per second, motion graphics are worth, well, you do the math. If you use digital signage or social media, you need great motion graphics to reinforce your content and brand.

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Web Design

“If your website isn’t modern and mobile-ready, you’re losing business.”

I build sites with WordPress because it’s reliable, flexible, and can be customized to strengthen your specific branding. If you’re not positive whether or not your current website is up-to-date, we need to talk.

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Spreadsheet Design

“Spreadsheets exist not just to record data, but more significantly, to automate the processing of it.”

Your data should be giving you answers. If it’s not, it might be because you need better data collection and/or processing. Don’t miss out on greater efficiency, reduced errors, and clearer insights!

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Darrell Haemer

I’ve been passionate about creative design since I was a child, and I’ve explored it in as many ways as possible since then. For me, creative design is both about asking questions and presenting answers. Ultimately, it’s about creating a beneficial experience for the person who will see, hear, or feel the product.

If I’m not designing, I might be playing drums, synth, or bass, or I might be writing a book (keep your eyes open!). I love learning, and I love change, so I’m usually looking for something new to dive into.

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